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Annemarieke de Bruin (Stockholm Environment Institute): Embedding monitoring and evaluation in the workflow of staff


Title of the case
Embedding monitoring and evaluation in the workflow of staff

Short description of the case and subject of the monitoring/evaluation
Since 2010, the Stockholm Environment Institute has a monitoring and evaluation system in place that is used by staff in all 7 centres. We have based our system on Outcome Mapping, but adapted it to the workflow of our institute and the types of projects we undertake. A factsheet is available here. We use the online 'PMEC' system to monitor and evaluate all projects, ranging from projects focussed on fundamental research with an academic paper as output to projects aiming at policy impact in environmental sustainability; from large to small projects in both budget and time resources; from highly complex projects with multiple partners, set in multiple countries and with the aim to influence multiple boundary partners to less complex projects with fewer of any of these. The online system has been adapted based on feedback from staff and despite higher management endorsing it, there are still different levels of uptake of the system. Although all projects are set up in the system, not all projects monitor frequently (enough) and the quality of the information in the system is not always as good as we would like it to be. The system aims to help staff reflect on project implementation and improve their adaptive management of projects but several see this as purely an administrative burden. How can we overcome these last hurdles to ensure the majority of staff feel that the system helps them in their work and improves their projects?


Name of case owner:
Annemarieke de Bruin

Stockholm Environment Institute

United Kingdom

Current function:
Researcher, as well as Monitoring and evaluation coordinator

Your role in the Utilisation case:
Monitoring and evaluation coordinator of team of so called 'PMEC' nodes distributed across all 7 centres of SEI.

Other relevant experiences/background:
My MSc thesis at Wageningen looked at monitoring and evaluation systems of watershed management projects in Central America and in my role as researcher I manage a number of projects and help monitor and reflect on progress made.