Case studies


SAADA Evaluation (West Africa)

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine to what extent SAADA-A has achieved its objectives in target countries in West-Africa and to what extent the activities undertaken in the context of SAADA-B and SAADA-C have contributed towards sustainable and inclusive agricultural development in both West Africa as well as other regions in Africa.

Tags: Evaluation

Evaluation Conflict Transformation Tools (Afghanistan & Kenya), for ICCO

ICCO, Department for Democracy & Peace Building, has requested this evaluation of their existing tools for conflict transformation. There are currently three tools in use: 1) conflict analysis; 2) visioning; 3) strategy development. The focus of the evaluation will be user experiences

Tags: Evaluation

Facilitation of M&E system development (Uganda, Niger, Zambia and Rwanda), for Agri-ProFocus

One of the main goals of the Agri-ProFocus members is to build solid, transparent and action-oriented support programmes to promote farmer entrepreneurship.

Evaluative Study Programmatic Approach, for ICCO

Since 2007 (the start of its Business plan 2007 – 2010) ICCO is implementing a so-called programmatic approach. This way of working is implemented within the organisation in a learning by doing and ‘continuous adaptation’ approach based on experiences in the field. After working for 2-3 years with this approach ICCO wants to undertake an evaluative study.

Tags: Evaluation

Support for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (Burundi & Burkina Faso), for IUCN

The Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) is a major initiative from the IUCN Forest Conservation Programme. It is implemented in 25 countries. A Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) System was developed. The implementation of the PM&E system requires training workshops, field advice and materials to be prepared.

Independent evaluation of Switzerland's Economic Development Cooperation in the field of trade promotion of organic agriculture products (Albania & India), for SECO/WE

An independent evaluation serving the purpose of analysing the relevance of the strategic approach in the organic sector, of analysing its impact at a larger level of economic development and of contributing to the institutional learning within the Swiss Economic Cooperation and Development Division of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO/WE) in cooperation with AgroEco.

Regional Programme to Strengthen Managing for Impact in Eastern and Southern Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia & Tanzania), for IFAD

Overall goal: Contribute to increasing the impact of interventions aimed at rural poverty reduction in East and Southern Africa. Purpose: "Key stakeholders more effectively manage pro-poor programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa towards impact".

External Review - Africa, for IUCN

The main focus of the External Review was on the global IUCN Programme (in Africa) and its delivery on the ground through the Commissions and the Secretariat, with Members and partners, with an emphasis on assessing the link between conservation and livelihoods. The review was forward looking and intended to capture lessons from IUCN’s work to aid in the design of future programmatic work. 

Tags: Evaluation

Programme evaluation for organic agriculture in East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya), for HIVOS

HIVOS, the Humanistic Institute for Development Cooperation, is one of the main secular non-governmental development organisations in the Netherlands.  HIVOS is currently active in seven sub-sectors. As part of general requirements in the Co-Funding Framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HIVOS will undertake evaluations for each of these sub-sectors in the period 2007-2010.

Tags: Evaluation