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Conducting a Country Baseline Study for the Girl Power Programme of the Child Rights Alliance (10 countries in Latin America, Africa & Asia), for Plan NL

The Girl Power programme, developed by 6 civil society organisations in the Netherlands, working together in the Child Rights Alliance (CRA), runs from 2011 to 2015. Its main goal is to build capacity in local civil society in 10 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, to support the empowerment of girls and young women for gender equality.

Development on PME framework, testing out methodologies for data collection in pilot countries (Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia).
In addition: Supporting CRA in setting up their baseline processes in the 10 countries for which subsidy from the MFS-II facility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been obtained. This support includes the facilitation of two workshops. Assist the CRA’s PME workgroup in the development of a functional PME system for the Girl Power programme (MFS-II).