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Evaluation Conflict Transformation Tools (Afghanistan & Kenya), for ICCO

ICCO, Department for Democracy & Peace Building, has requested this evaluation of their existing tools for conflict transformation. There are currently three tools in use: 1) conflict analysis; 2) visioning; 3) strategy development. The focus of the evaluation will be user experiences, i.e. how the tools contribute to participant's work on conflict transformation, as well as working programmatically (as a group of local NGOs) on conflict transformation issues.



-         Literature study of the tools and reports of the workshops held concerning Uganda, Kenya, and Afghanistan.

-         Individual interviews with relevant ICCO & Kerk in Actie staff: programme officers for the 3 countries and the programme specialist on conflict transformation.

-         Individual interviews with representatives of partner organisations in Uganda and Kenya. For this a combined visit to Kenya and Uganda is necessary.

Individual interviews with representatives of partners organisations from Afghanistan. For this a visit to Afghanistan is not requested. This can be done during the consultants visit to Nepal.

Tags: Evaluation