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Evaluative Study Programmatic Approach, for ICCO

Since 2007 (the start of its Business plan 2007 – 2010) ICCO is implementing a so-called programmatic approach. This way of working is implemented within the organisation in a learning by doing and ‘continuous adaptation’ approach based on experiences in the field. After working for 2-3 years with this approach ICCO wants to undertake an evaluative study. This is in line with the intention to be a learning organisation. The outcomes of the evaluation will serve as input for a new Business plan of the ICCO Alliance.

The lessons we want to learn are focused on 5 topics, which all are crucial in the development of the programmatic approach. They have to do with the programmes in formation and the (initial) results and the modalities ICCO uses in the development of its programmatic approach, its implementation, the (human) resources and the stakeholders involved:

-    Types of programmes;

-    Roles of ICCO staff and external advisors;

-    Funding modalities;

-    Actors/ organisations involved in programme coalitions;

-    Development Results of programmes.

The results of the evaluation should allow ICCO:

-          to assess work carried out until now with the programmatic approach both in terms of the programmes itself and the results of working according to this methodology on the programme alliances;

to be able to make a more informed choice on how and in what way to develop the programmatic approach further.

Tags: Evaluation