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External Review - Africa, for IUCN

The main focus of the External Review was on the global IUCN Programme (in Africa) and its delivery on the ground through the Commissions and the Secretariat, with Members and partners, with an emphasis on assessing the link between conservation and livelihoods. The review was forward looking and intended to capture lessons from IUCN’s work to aid in the design of future programmatic work.  The review attempted to investigate a small number of topics in depth, rather than the breadth entire IUCN Programme.


The main objectives of the External Review were:

  1. To assess IUCN’s added-value to its Members in the South;
  2. To assess IUCN’s programme delivery in building the case for linking conservation to livelihoods in Africa;

To assess the extent to which IUCN’s Programme links policy from local to global levels, and vice-versa, by comparing a specific set of themes (water and wetlands and marine and coastal areas) in all areas where these thematic programmes are active.

Tags: Evaluation