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Facilitation of M&E system development (Uganda, Niger, Zambia and Rwanda), for Agri-ProFocus

One of the main goals of the Agri-ProFocus members is to build solid, transparent and action-oriented support programmes to promote farmer entrepreneurship. In the coming years the Agri-ProFocus network will develop country programmes in addition to the implementation of trajectories based on direct and indirect request from producer organisations (PO) through the membership.

WUR CDI in collaboration with other partners developed a TOC and related M&E system, adaptable also on country level.

The country focus is completely linked to the choices made within the Agri-ProFocus strategy : Focus on farmer entrepreneurship; Embedding of country programmes  within national priority setting (processes); Thematic emphasis on value chain development / market access, access to financial services and sustainable food production; Respect for gender balance; Attention for enhancing PO capacity and strengthening of enabling environment; Linking country programmes with learning and innovation.  Seven countries have been identified with the help of a quick scan (strengths and weaknesses of existing enabling environment / potential added value of the Agri-ProFocus network): Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. The process will be facilitated by KIT (Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Rwanda) and WUR CDI (Uganda, Niger, Zambia and Rwanda), in collaboration with the APF country lead (one of the APF members) and local partners and resource persons.