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Joint MFS II evaluations at country level (Ethiopia, Liberia, India & Indonesia), for DGIS

Impact evaluation of MFS-II (Co-Funding Framework of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs); assess the contribution of (1) the selected projects on their beneficiary populations, (2) the Dutch MSF organisation on the capacity of the selected southern partners and (3) the selected southern partner organisations on the civil society organisations with whom they have collaborated. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Variety of instruments to be used, including surveys, mapping tools, stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions and behavioural assessments for instance to capture hard-to-measure variables like attitudes. CDI supported the capacity building and civil society studies.

Lead Applicant: University of Groningen.
Consortium partners: IFPRI-Addis Ababa (ESARO) and CDI.
Also involved: VU Amsterdam.

Lead Applicant: Wageningen University.
Consortium partners: CDI; Amsterdam Institute for International Development, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Development Consultants Liberia, University of Liberia, African Studies Centre (ASC), Making Enterprises, Tilburg University

IndiaLead Applicant: University of Groningen.
Consortium partners: CDI; ISS; India Development Foundation (IDF). Also involved: Tilburg University, VU Amsterdam; York University Canada.

Lead Applicant: Amsterdam Institute of International development (AIID) / VU Amsterdam / University of Amsterdam.
Consortium partners: CDI; ISS; Surveymeter. Also involved: Wageningen University, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Tilburg University, University of Indonesia, University of Bonn, University of Gadjah Mada, Ministry of Forestry Indonesia.