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Regional Programme to Strengthen Managing for Impact in Eastern and Southern Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia & Tanzania), for IFAD

Overall goal: Contribute to increasing the impact of interventions aimed at rural poverty reduction in East and Southern Africa. Purpose: "Key stakeholders more effectively manage pro-poor programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa towards impact". CDI conducted a regional programme on strengthening management for impact (SMIP) in eastern and southern Africa.

This capacity development and learning programme, funded by IFAD (1 million USD), aimed at strengthening the capacity of stakeholders and actors involved in pro-poor interventions to effectively manage for impact. SMIP used an action-learning approach as a means of generating knowledge and lessons, as well as enhancing practical skills and organisational capacity.

One of the main activities during 2008-2009 included the development of a participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system with an IFAD funded project in Zanzibar as an action learning site. The previous M&E system was very much focused on a quantitative data MIS, whilst the new system also includes more qualitative data, and processes of critical reflection at the level of farmers, district and programme (Zanzibar and Pemba).