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SAADA Evaluation (West Africa)

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine to what extent SAADA-A has achieved its objectives in target countries in West-Africa and to what extent the activities undertaken in the context of SAADA-B and SAADA-C have contributed towards sustainable and inclusive agricultural development in both West Africa as well as other regions in Africa. For the evaluation of SAADA-A the main focus was on the agribusiness clusters with a special focus on farmers and small scale agri-business and the cluster business plans which represent the rallying point for stakeholders to improve productivity and incomes. During the second phase of the evaluation - forward looking strategies - the main objective was to outline the contours of a possible future programme focussing on farmer-led value chain development with special reference to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) of the African Union/NEPAD.

Tags: Evaluation