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Collaborative Outcome Reporting for Strengthening of a programme-implementing Alliance or Coalition

Title: Collaborative Outcome Reporting for Strengthening of a programme-implementing Alliance or Coalition

Workshop facilitators: Rene Vermeulen and Jolanda Buter

Function lead facilitator:  Trainer - consultant

Institution: MDF Training & Consultancy

Relevance of the workshop for the conference theme ‘Partnering for Success: how M&E Can Strengthen Partnerships for Sustainable Development’

In a World Café setting, the participants in the workshop will be situated in the Collaborative Outcome Reporting Workshop of a programme. The programme has run for several years in multiple countries and has been implemented by various partners (in the Netherlands) with local partners in the various countries. In this workshop, the coalition members will be informed on results of a quick survey among its members and the initial results of the first analysis steps of the evaluation. During the conference, the focus will be on setting the example of this Collaborative Outcome Reporting technique (which is in its design broader than one workshop). Moreover, the application of the Alliance Thermometer in combination with this technique will be observed and experienced by the participants in the workshop. 

By including the reflective point of view on the cooperation within the programme’s alliance, the learning aspect of the evaluation is strengthened. By doing so in combination with a focus on learning lessons on a higher level than output level, the results of the programme become a joint story that can be used to communication and learning lessons within the organisations, within the alliance and to the outside world (strengthening support for the programmes).

Workshop objectives and content

Rational objective: Become familiar with the approach of using Alliance Thermometer (originally developed by MDF in cooperation with Partos for MFS2 partnership strengthening) as input for a World Café supporting deeper reflection on partnership results at both system level (WHAT) and process level (HOW).

Existential objective: Getting inspired by collaborative self-reflecting as building stone for ownership and commitment to transform and do things differently (i.e. working better together in a programme).

The focus of the workshop is on moving beyond the numbers (outputs), i.e. collaboratively discussing and creating the ‘story’ of the programme. What has really been changed by the programme on the outcome level? During the COR workshop, the participants discuss the findings in three rounds of questions, each round in different group settings.

Type of participant who would be interested in the workshop:

  • Facilitators of evaluation for learning and transformation
  • Professionals working in alliances/coalitions, merging teams and organisations,self-steering teams, network groups
  • Internal and external organisational advisors
  • PhD students/ Master students in International Development, Policy influencing and advocacy