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CDI course: Evaluating and Managing for Sustainable Development Impact

Mar. 20, 2017 - Apr. 07, 2017

Most development initiatives take place in highly dynamic contexts: a diversity of people is involved and change processes are complex and uncertain. Guiding your development initiative towards impact involves navigating related challenges. In this three-week course you will strengthen your ability to play a significant role in managing for impact (M4I).


This asks for a proactive orientation toward people, context, and learning, and an integrative approach which connects strategic & operations management to monitoring & evaluation (M&E). Particular attention is given to the enabling environment in terms of capacities and conditions for M4I, including effective communication.


Make a difference by being responsive and proactive

Whether you work in food security, agriculture, health, social change processes, natural resource management or value chain development: you want your initiative to make a difference. This means that it needs to connect appropriately to relevant contexts. You will be challenged to develop a sound strategy and effective operations, with M&E processes supporting navigation in a changing context, while engaging people meaningfully in these processes.

This is the essence of managing for impact (M4I). In this course you will link the theory and concepts of the M4I approach and put M&E at the service of your core management processes. Your learning will be highly interactive; you will receive individual coaching by peers and course facilitators and will be challenged to translate the content to an approach that is appropriate and feasible back home.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • have strengthened your competence to manage for impact in your own individual sphere of work;
  • be able to play a more effective role in helping your organisation to manage for impact;
  • understand principles and practice of strategic thinking and guidance; effective operations; monitoring and evaluation for change; change management; interactive processes for people engagement and learning at individuel, organisational and societal level; capacities and conditions for M4I;
  • have sharpened a strategic attitude and strengthened your strategic and technical competencies to manage for impact.  

Target audience

You are a middle or senior level programme manager, staff or consultant with planning and or monitoring & evaluation responsibilities in a business, government or non-government organisation. You would like to make the planning process more relevant, effective and inspiring and help your organisation to act and think strategically. You would like to create more impact in your work and understand how (P)M&E can help you do this. Proficiency in English is required.

Practical Information

Price3,900 Euro
Date20 March - 07 April 2017
Deadline30 January 2017
Deadline NFP/MENA18 October 2016
LocationThe Netherlands