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Past events

Apr 3

Conference: Monitoring and Evaluation for Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems

03-04-2019 - 04-04-2019

Video: Tessa Steenbergen

> The conference report is now available on our conference products page.

Jun 4

Food systems for healthy and sustainable diets

04-06-2018 - 22-06-2018

By 2050 the world population is estimated to have grown to around 9.7 billion people . The global challenge is not only how to feed the growing population, but also how to provide a nutritious diet for healthy living that can be sustained for generations. Present food systems do not ensure nutritious diets, reflected in the high levels of malnutrition (both under- and over) in the world. Food systems need to be transformed to sustainably address the societal challenges and move from just supplying sufficient food to providing sufficient high quality diets for all.

Apr 4

Conference: Communicating Evidence for Sustainable Development

04-04-2018 - 05-04-2018

≫ Conference report now available!

The report presents the highlights and contributions from the conference. Key insights were drawn from the two keynotes, fifteen workshops and the results of the final synthesis session. It aims to provide insights and stimulate learning around the topic of communicating evidence for sustainable development. Download it here.

Next M&E on the cutting edge conference: 'M&E for inclusive and sustainable food systems'; 3-4 April 2019; Wageningen, the Netherlands

A conference for sustainable development

This conference aimed to seek clarity in the role that communication can play in generating and using evidence for sustainable development.

Mar 19

Evaluating and managing for sustainable development impact

19-03-2018 - 06-04-2018

Course on the Managing for Sustainable Development Impact approach (M4SDI). The M4SDI approach is an integrated, results oriented management approach, which can be used across a range of sectors and domains in a variety of contexts.