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Intelligent Mapping M&E

Title: Intelligent Mapping M&E

Presenters: Niek van Duivenbooden and Koos de Jongste

Function lead presenter: Project Development Specialist

Institution: Trimpact BV

Relevance of session for the conference theme ‘Partnering for Success: how M&E Can Strengthen Partnerships for Sustainable Development’

M&E is a crucial instrument in maintaining a collaboration/partnership within a given project, but if we would like to monitor and evaluation progress towards SDGs, a common language should be developed that can link the various projects. M&E can support the learning and decision making processes, holding partners accountable or in assessing the functioning of partnerships and how they can reach more sustainable results. But what makes for effective M&E? How can evaluation professionals measure partnership processes and results, in order to improve them? This conference will synthesize insights from practice and theory as a contribution to the partnerships critical for sustainable development. Many current M&E approaches are too limited and need a more holistic approach, which starts with who is doing what where and when.


Today’s complex and interconnected world clearly needs collaboration and partnerships. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can help strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs). M&E can support: a) the learning and decision making processes; b) holding partners accountable or in assessing the functioning of partnerships, and c) how they can reach more sustainable results.

This session introduces the Capall Intelligent Mapping Tool focused on the SDGs and IATI compliance from Trimpact BV. In research and developing aid impact will sustainably increase when synergy, integration, and cooperation between various stakeholders is optimized. It is our mission to increase the impact of integrated development projects: sustainable profitable change through smart linking of development projects, with a focus on People, Planet, and Profit.

Capall Intelligent Mapping Tool shows the different kind of projects in a country and the organizations involved. It also shows the level of integrated approaches taken. We all know that integrated approaches are needed but reality shows often that projects are executed in isolation. Today’s partnerships and the required partnerships for tomorrow can be found and created with these data (e.g. after a Theory of Change (ToC) workshop). Knowledge sharing within this partnership will be effective through Capall and other platforms we want to develop in collaboration with other parties. Connecting an M&E-tool to Capall, gives insight in monitoring the functioning of partnerships (e.g. are they delivering the sub-result as planned for in the ToC), or evaluate their promised impact in creating value at multiple levels. Coupled with a RSS feed this facilitates projects to start interacting, sharing knowledge, and dialoguing towards common goals. Besides this, we are also registered publisher to register projects in IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative). Project data in combination with M&E data will give an overview of the best practices that can be used for other projects in the same or other countries (up-scaling). Consequently, applying Capall coupled with an effective common M&E, partnership development and maintenance will be easier and impact (output/outcome) will increase.