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Introduction to the conference by Cecile Kusters (conference organiser)

Cecile Kusters is a senior Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) advisor at the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen University and Research centre. She is currently leading the PME team within CDI. Cecile has experience with evaluations, for example the  MFS II organisational capacity development evaluation, in 4 of the 8 sampled countries (38 organisations) from 2012-2015. Furthermore Cecile is an accomplished trainer/facilitator in the area of PME, with a particular focus on CDI’s approach ‘Managing for Sustainable Development Impact’ since 2002. Cecile also organises CDI’s annual ‘M&E on the cutting edge’ conferences (since 2009). Cecile is also the main author of the book ‘Making Evaluations Matter: a Practical Guide for Evaluators’ (Kusters et al, 2011). She is currently writing another book ‘Managing for Sustainable Development Impact’, which is a comprehensive, people oriented approach to PME. Cecile has been involved in various short and long term assignments, such as the IFAD funded regional programme to support strengthening managing for impact (M4I)  in East and Southern Africa (4 years), and institutional development of the National Agricultural Organisation (NARO) in Uganda in M4I. Short term assignments range from coordinator and facilitator of the regular M4I training (since 2002), tailor-made capacity development e.g. for IFAD and FAO, and M&E system development. Her experience lies in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

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