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Key publications

This page lists some of the key publications on the topics of food systems, and on food systems in relation to M&E.

Complex systems and development

Exploring the science of complexity: Ideas and implications for development and humanitarian efforts | By B Ramalingam, H Jones, T Reba, J Young (2008)

Food sytems

Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems | By the EAT–Lancet Commission (2019)

Food Systems: how could a food systems approach work for transitions towards SDG2 | By Nicole Metz of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (2018)

Food Systems: From concept to practice and vice versa (PDF) | By Helena Posthumus and Bart de Steenhuijsen-Piters of KIT Royal Tropical Institute, and Just Dengerink and Sietze Vellema of Wageningen University & Research (2018)

When food systems meet sustainability – Current narratives and implications for actionsChristophe Béné, Peter Oosterveer, Lea Lamotte, Inge D. Brouwer, Stef de Haan, Steve D. Prager, Elise Talsma and Colin K. Khoury (2019).

City Region Food System Toolkit | By FAO

M&E of (food) systems

Book review: Measuring what matters in agriculture and food systems: A synthesis of the results and recommendations of TEEB for Agriculture and Food’s Scientific and Economic Foundations report | By Michael Quinn Patton (2019)

Evidence of Change: the sustainable livelihoods framework - an evaluation tool for value chain projects | By Ricardo Ramirez (2015)

Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs) | By Anne Stephens, Ellen D. Lewis, and Shravanti Reddy (2018)