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Keynote speaker: Bruce Byiers

'How to assess CSO-business partnerships for development'

Bruce Byiers will present this article that was recently (January 2016) published:


The growing reference to CSO-business partnerships as a 'modality' for development raises the importance of understanding the processes underlying these and their policy implications. Stylised facts suggest 'philanthropic' partnerships are more frequent than 'strategic' partnerships but may be less sustainable; the private sector tends to dominate but partnerships with shared control may yield greater developmental benefits. This paper presents a case study approach to assess these aspects based on four dimensions: relation to core business; degree of partner engagement; partnership activities; and governance structure. In particular it proposes combining the above factors with a political economy understanding of interests and external factors to capture the complexity of such approaches in terms of drivers and challenges - this is the basis for future work.

About the keynote speaker

Dr. Bruce Byiers is a development economist with a DPhil from the University of Sussex, UK. Originally from Scotland, he is a Senior Policy Officer in the Economic Transformation and Trade team at ECDPM where he has been working since May 2011. He is working on issues relating to the growing call to “engage the private sector for development”, domestic resource mobilisation, private sector investment in agriculture under CAADP, regional integration initiatives, aid for trade and trade facilitation. As part of his work, he brings  an economic approach with an understanding of political economy issues. At ECDPM he has so far been involved in fieldwork in Mozambique, Tanzania and Côte d’Ivoire. Prior to ECDPM, Bruce worked as a consultant, carrying out projects for various organisations including UNIDO, USAID, and DANIDA. The focus of his work was mainly on industrial policy and private sector development, more specifically focusing on barriers to firm expansion, informality and tax policy in Mozambique, Rwanda and Lesotho. Bruce also worked in the Mozambican Ministry of Planning and Development/Finance for five years, partly as an ODI Fellow and subsequently as a consultant and researcher in the Macro-economic Projections Unit of the National Budget Directorate, and the Directorate for Policy Studies and Analysis.

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