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Keynote speaker: Phil Macnaghten

Title of the keynote: Responsible Innovation, International Development and the Challenge for Evaluation

Phil Macnaghten has broad interests in the governance of science and technology, responsible innovation, the sociology of the environment, deliberative methodology and discourse analysis. His research focuses on the governance of emerging technology with particular expertise in public dialogue, deliberative methodology, narrative analysis and policy engagement. Macnaghten led the European DEEPEN project (Deepening Ethical Engagement and Participation in Emerging Nanotechnologies) (European Commission: 2006–2009), co-led a project aimed at developing a framework for responsible innovation for the UK research councils (EPSRC and ESRC: 2011–12) and coordinated a comparative project aimed at understanding the factors that shape the acceptance, use and resistance to GM crops in Brazil, Mexico and India (John Templeton Foundation: 2012–2014). He was Founder Director of Durham University’s Institute of Hazard and Risk Research (2006-2008) and since 2006 has been Professor of Geography at Durham. He currently holds a 3-year Visiting Professorship at UNICAMP on the global governance of science and technology (2012–2015) and will be joining Wageningen University as Professor of Technology and International Development in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI) group in April 2015.

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