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Keynote speaker: Ros Tennyson

'Partnership Brokers - Helping Us to Partner Better'

Keynote teaser

'I believe that partnering is about sharing (not mitigating) risk; about co-creating (not dictating) solutions; and embracing (not avoiding) the principles of mutuality, transparency, diversity and equity. But it seems that it is surprisingly hard to partner effectively. How can partnership brokers help? How can partnership brokers use monitoring, evaluating, learning and capacity-building approaches to make partnerships have the best possible local impact and global influence?'

About the keynote speaker

Ros Tennyson has worked as a specialist in multi-stakeholder partnering for more than 20 years. During this time she has trained more than 3,000 people from all sectors in partnering skills as well as facilitating workshops and other partnership-building activities in 40+ countries. She has worked with a range of organisations (corporations, non-profits, donors & governments) and entities (partnerships, consortia & coalitions) to build their partnering capacities and develop more effective collaboration approaches.  

A prolific author, Ros has published manuals, case studies and articles all designed to strengthen partnering approaches and impact. Her seminal publication The Partnering Toolbook is now in its 5th edition and available in 18 languages. She is founder and currently Development Director of the Partnership Brokers Association ( – a non-profit organisation dedicated to building professional competencies for those managing the partnering process.

Her experience in evaluating partnerships includes learning case studies, partnership reviews, action research, logbook analysis and story capture. She has worked on partnership reviews and evaluation with a wide range of organisations including CIDA, Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy, Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Start Network and World Vision.

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