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Keynote speakers: Ismail Akhalwaya and Carlo Bakker

Title of the keynote: Initiatives of the executive to introduce a culture of monitoring and evaluation in order to support implementation of government strategies.  – Lessons from the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation in South Africa

Ismail Akhalwaya is currently The Programme Manager for the Institutional Performance Monitoring at the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in the Presidency. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Economics, Business Economics) from the University of South Africa and a Post graduate qualification in Public Sector Management and Development Administration from the University of Witwatersrand.

Ismail is currently, working at the Public Sector Oversight (PSO) branch at DPME in the Presidency. A key function he has been focusing on is introducing an institutional management assessment framework, to assess the management practices in national and provincial departments. He is also currently responsible for managing one of government’s key strategic outcomes focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the public service. He is also responsible for the Institutional Performance Management directorate, dealing with Management Performance Assessment Tool.

Ismail has been in National Government since 1997 and has been operating as a senior manager since 2001. He has worked in the Department of Labour in the skills development area, and played a role in developing the country’s first National Skills Development Strategy. Since 2004 he was employed at the Department of Public Works and was involved in the management of governments key employment creation programme the Expanded Public Works Programme.

Carlo Bakker is the founder/director of the Independent Monitoring Performance Expertise Center (IMPEC). IMPEC is a strategic partner for the South African Department for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency (DPME). The IMPEC expert supports the DPME by developing tools to improve government performance (see Carlo Bakker is involved since 2010 when the DPME was established. IMPEC brings together scientific thinking, multidisciplinary expertise and community input, to improve government performance. Working together in transparent and performance driven collaboration will lead to more service delivery to citizens.

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