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Our Partners

CDI works with governments, businesses, NGOs and the scientific community. We have a wide range of partners. In terms of PM&E, CDI has worked with/is working with a range of partners, for example:

  • IFAD: regional, IFAD funded, programme to strengthen managing for sustainable development impact in E/S Africa (including regional training, action learning sites, knowledge sharing); staff capacity development in PM&E at IFAD headquarters;
  • FAO: PM&E related staff capacity development;
  • Plan Netherlands: PM&E system development;
  • Various universities, e.g. Egerton University in Kenya, Makerere University in Uganda, l’Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Population (ISSP) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for a regional course on PPM&E-Managing for impact (English and French);
  • ICCO and Cordaid (Dutch NGOs): organisational capacity development learning trajectories on 'programmatic approach' (for ICCO), and on ‘communities of change’ (for Cordaid);
  • Wide range of partners for evaluations;
  • Various partners involved in ‘M&E on the cutting edge events’ such as IDRC and GIZ;
  • Dutch embassies: PM&E system development for sector-wide projects (e.g. Ethiopia, Uganda).