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The power of large-scale micro-narratives for driving participatory and multi-stakeholder PM&E

Workshop title: The power of large-scale micro-narratives for driving participatory and multi-stakeholder PM&E

Lead workshop facilitator: Tom van den Steen

Function: Programme Advisor Planning, Learning and Accountability

Institution: Vredeseilanden/VECO

Relevance of the workshop for the conference theme ‘Partnering for Success: how M&E Can Strengthen Partnerships for Sustainable Development’:

The SenseMaker approach has proven to be a valuable addition to VECO’s PM&E processes for both monitoring and planning purposes, involving voices from the field to spark multi-stakeholder discussions on key elements of our programmatic interventions (such as sustainable and inclusive business relations between smallholder organisations and buyers), leading to shared analyses that feed joint action plans that engage all stakeholders. As such, this approach neatly fits into the conference’s purpose of exploring M&E methods and approaches that support decision-making and learning processes of multi-stakeholder partnerships that drive sustainable development results.

In this respect, the Inclusive Business Scan (one of the two applications that VECO has made of SenseMaker) extends also its use of the approach to look at the commercial relations between stakeholders in a given value chain, i.e. the partnerships between farmers, the farmer organisation they are associated with and the buyer of their produce. The information generated and interpreted by the stakeholders themselves touches upon different aspects of smallholder inclusion in modern markets, which can broadly be categorized as chain-wide collaboration, effective market linkages, fair and transparent governance and equitable access to services. The participatory analysis and feedback sessions have led to strengthening the partnerships between both the farmers and their farmer organisation as between the farmer organisation and the buyer. Besides appreciating this kind of first-hand, constructive data and insights on the partnerships themselves, stakeholders have put forward pro-active and realistic propositions engaging all parties as to overcome hurdles in these partnerships.

Workshop objectives and content

  • Present the potential of the SenseMaker approach as a PM&E tool for multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Provide participants with a hands-on experience of working with SenseMaker as a PM&E tool

After an introduction on the SenseMaker approach, participants will work with real data collected during surveys in Ecuador, Peru and Nicaragua on people’s perception of the future of youth in agriculture and the agri-business. During this  activity the participants will apply the methods for participatory multi-stakeholder analysis implemented by the facilitators in Indonesia and Ecuador in the context of two separate SenseMaker initiatives of VECO (the Inclusive Business Scan and the Youth in Agriculture Project). The workshop will wrap up with a presentation of VECO’s experiences using SenseMaker as a PM&E approach and leave the floor for discussion and Q&A.

Type of participant who would be interested in the workshop:

Anyone keen on involving voices from the field, interpreted by the narrators themselves, as an approach for participatory multi-stakeholder PM&E processes.