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The 2014 Reader on Results Measurement: Current thinking on the DCED Standard

Edited by: Adam Kessler
Publication: 2014

The 2014 Reader on Results Measurement summarises key background information for the second Global Seminar took on Results Measurement that took place from 24 to 26 March in Bangkok.  It discusses current thinking on the DCED Standard for Measuring Results. The DCED Standard is a practical framework for private sector development programmes to monitor progress towards their objectives. It comprises eight elements, listed below, which are the minimum required for a credible results measurement process. By adopting these elements, practitioners can build a results measurement system which will be trusted by external observers and the development community. This enables programmes to better measure, manage, and demonstrate results.

The DCED Standard at a glance

  1. Articulating the Results Chain
  2. Defining indicators of change
  3. Measuring changes in indicators
  4. Estimating attributable changes
  5. Capturing wider changes in the system market
  6. Tracking programme costs
  7. Reporting results
  8. Managing the system for results measurement