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Capacity development in evaluation & communication to maximize impact

The Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS) with uOttawa has developed and tested a capacity development approach that provides research partners with support in utilization-focused evaluation and research communication. Watch this short video for more information on it.

Their partners have been IDRC-supported research networks and grantees working on applied projects in new fields such as Open Education, Open and Collaborative Science, etc. Much of their research is exploratory and field-building. Therefore some of the project outcomes are often emergent and the projects may need to adjust their theory of change. The capacity building approach places emphasis on an early 'readiness assessment' and on 'justin- time mentoring' that is offered at a pace that matches each project's timing and priorities. This hybrid approach has provided useful outputs in the form of evaluation reports that are 'owned' by the users; communication strategies that are targeted and use media of confirmed use by each stakeholder. The outcomes include: project teams able to become reflective practitioners and policy impacts on the ground.


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