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CDI Conference Report 2014: Improving the use of monitoring & evaluation processes and findings

Author(s)/Organisation: Visser, I; Kusters, C.S.L; Guijt, I; Roefs, M; Buizer, N. 
Date: July 2014

This report summarises the outline and outputs of the conference ‘Improving the Use of Monitoring & Evaluation Processes and Findings’, which took place on March 20-21, 2014.

This conference debated use and influence of monitoring and evaluation processes and findings. Concepts of use were discussed, as well as ‘influence’, which is beyond use, and the consequences of  different types of use at the individual, interpersonal and collective level. Participants discussed factors that influence use, and what is needed to improve use within the wider change processes that individuals and organisations take part in.

The conference was organised by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen University & Research centre (Cecile Kusters, Marlene Roefs and Nicky Buizer), Learning by Design (Irene Guijt) in collaboration with GIZ, Hivos and ICCO. The Conference organisers are deeply grateful for the funding support provided by: GIZ; Hivos; ICCO; and CDI.

The report explains the concepts of use and influence; discusses the ‘grounded’ theory of factors and incentives with practice; and provides a reflection on the options for change: suggestions to improve the use of M&E processes and findings.