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CDI Conference Report: Impact Evaluation: Taking stock and looking ahead

Author(s)/Organisation: Irene Visser, Irene Guijt, Cecile Kusters, Marlene Roefs, Marieke Ruyter de Wildt, Anja Wolsky
Date: June 2013

This report summarises the presentations and discussions of the Conference ‘Impact evaluation. Taking stock and looking ahead’, which took place in Wageningen on March 25 and 26, 2013.

Impact evaluation is crucial in current times of change, with increased attention for evaluation and an increasingly complex development sector. The aid architecture is changing, and power relations are shifting, both in the development world as in the professional evaluators world. Despite the increased attention for impact evaluation, its utilisation is yet to be improved.

The Conference was organised and funded by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR in collaboration with Learning by Design; the Agricultural Economics Institute (LEI), Wageningen UR; and with funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) and Hivos. The report describes current issues around impact evaluation (IE) and focuses on the following question that was central during  the conference: ‘What can be done in design and communication to enhance utilisation of IE findings?’