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CDI-IDS: Tools and guidelines for improving the evaluability of INGO empowerment and accountability programmes

Author(s): Shutt, C. & McGee, R. (for the Centre for Development Impact)

Publication year: 2013

This Centre for Development Impact (CDI-IDS) Practice Paper Annex is the result of an analysis of INGO evaluation practice in empowerment and accountability (E&A) programmes commissioned by CARE UK, Christian Aid, Plan UK and World Vision UK. It is the companion to CDI Practice Paper 01 that considers the implications of current evaluation and learning debates for those seeking to improve the quality of evidence pertaining to the outcomes and impacts of INGO empowerment and accountability programmes. This paper proceeds from the premise that if international NGOs are to successfully ‘measure’ or assess the outcomes and impacts of E&A programmes, they need to shift their attention from data collection tools to a more holistic approach to evaluation design. Strategies need to be appropriate given organisational values, evaluation objectives and programme attributes, which include programme contexts. The authors present a series of practical tools for use and adaptation by INGO staff, donor representatives and consultants keen to improve the evaluability of E&A programmes.