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CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 6 - Systematic Reviews

CLEAR South Asia in collaboration with Community of Evaluators and 3ie organized the sixth event in a series of M&E roundtables, focusing on “Systematic Reviews”. The presentations and discussions focused on systematic reviews of evaluations in water supply and sanitation, education and farmer field schools. There was also a presentation on the Cochrane Public Health Satellite review.

Speakers: (Part I)

  • Hugh Waddington (3ie) - Systematic Review of Water Supply and Sanitation Evaluations
  • Birte Snilstveit (3ie) - Systematic Review of Farmer Field Schools Evaluations

Speakers: (Part II)

  • Howard White (3ie) - Systematic Review of Education Evaluations
  • Dr. Ruhi Saith (University of Oxford) - The Cochrane Public Health Satellite
  • John Floretta (J-PAL South Asia) - Closing Remarks