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Consensus Building with Participatory Action Plan Development

This facilitator's guide is designed to:
• Assist consensus building among natural resource users
• Follow a six stage process for Participatory Action Plan Development
• Identify problems and constraints, and opportunities to address them

This guide sets out an approach to community planning that intends to build local consensus to help people manage and improve their livelihood options. The approach is Participatory Action Plan Development (PAPD) – a structured and repeatable set of activities that helps local people identify key problems and constraints together with realistic opportunities to address them. The guide provides a basic explanation of six key stages required to reach consensus on simple livelihoods related initiatives at local level. The purpose, approach and process of each stage is described with reference to specific examples.

It is expected that facilitators will follow the sequence outlined in the guide and will understand the purpose of each stage. This structure is useful to
maintain consistency between locations and will aid reporting and documentation by the facilitating agency. However, it is understood that
facilitators and communities may have the confidence to modify activities and the direction of planning where appropriate. The guide concludes with
some general observations and recommendations for expanding the planning process to a wider geographic which might include and benefit additional
project stakeholders.