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FANTA: Sampling Guide (with 2012 Addendum)

Authors: Robert Magnini (1999) and Diane Stukel & Megan Deitchler (2012) (for FANTA)
Publication date: Sampling Guide (1999) and Addendum (2012)

These materials provide sampling guidance for baseline and final performance evaluation surveys in the context of USAID Food for Peace Title II development food assistance programs. The guide provides methods and instructions for developing the design of a population-based household survey and provides information on how to randomly select samples of communities, households, and/or individuals for such surveys. It emphasizes the use of probability sampling methods, which are essential to ensure that the survey represents the target population. In the addendum, an updated approach for sample size calculation is provided, which will result in a household sample size that is more likely to achieve the required sample size of children for child-level indicators.

These guidelines were originally written to address sampling issues for FANTA's Title II program evaluations.They do present clearly written instructions for determining sample sizes and sampling frameworks that can be used for other projects as well.

FANTA is the abbreviation for the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project
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