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Institutional and organizational analysis and capacity strengthening

A Field Practitioner's Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to support institutional and organizational analysis and strengthening for design and implementation of programmes and projects. 

The Guide is designed to be a practical, hands-on set of directions to those needing to answer the following questions: “how to go about doing institutional and organizational analysis? And once I’ve done it, how do I go about using this analysis to promote sustainable institutions and organizations?”


In recent years, development discourse has increasingly focused on how institutions and organizations can improve access to goods and services, enhance rural livelihoods and promote economic competitiveness in rural areas. There is a common agreement that it is important at the programme/project preparation stage to survey the institutional and organizational landscape and ascertain the ownership of the assessments during the design process by in-country partners (IFAD 2013). Institutional and organizational analyses are critical to identify support for long-term scaling up pathways.

Similarly integrating the climate change adaptation dimension into institutional and organizational analyses and capacity-building ensures that programme/project design reflects climate resilience elements. In order to improve the quality of institutional and organizational analyses, IFAD and its country-level partners and practitioners have requested for this tool to guide programme/project design and implementation.

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