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Knowledge management tools and techniques: helping you access the right knowledge at the right time

Authors: Marilyn Leask, Caren Lee, Tim Milner, Michael Norton and Dimple Rathod

Publication date: March 2008

Knowledge management (KM)is about building organisational intelligence by enabling people to improve the way they work in capturing, sharing, and using
knowledge. It involves using the ideas and experience of employees, customers and suppliers to improve the organisation’s performance. Building on what
works well leads to better practice, strategy and policy.

This booklet is designed to support you in finding, using, creating, managing and sharing knowledge to support improvement in local government services by:
• introducing the value of KM and what support is available from IDeA
• providing a portfolio of KM tools, techniques and resources you can easily apply in your everyday work
• providing approaches to organisational processes which support KM

The IDeA has an ongoing programme of work with local government colleagues to support knowledge flow across local government, testing out KM tools and techniques for their relevance to the sector. These tools and techniques can be applied at every learning opportunity, see appendix one.