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The need for institutional change in capacity development of tertiary agricultural education

Authors: Mundie Salm, Gerard Baltissen, Richard Hawkins, Jifke Sol, Ruud Ludemann, Anouka van Eerdewijk, Mariana Wongtschowski, Driek Enserink and Marlene Roefs.

Publication date: October 2014

This paper argues that Dutch-funded capacity development projects in developing countries for tertiary agricultural education organisations as they are currently carried out are not able to successfully achieve the sustained changes required. That is, changes in how an organisation functions, its cultural norms and rules, and also in how it interacts within wider networks. Rather, long-term institutional change is needed. The reasons behind this conclusion, and how the project development process can be strengthened are discussed by the authors of this paper, coming from ICRA (International Centre for Development-oriented Research in Agriculture), KIT (Royal Tropical Institute), and CDI (Centre for Development Innovation - part of Wageningen University & Research centre).