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Six Key Findings on the Use of Theories of Change in International Development

Author: Valters, Craig
Publication date: August 2014

The Theory of Change approach is becoming a pervasive part of development practice: as an artefact, as a management tool, and increasingly as a common discourse which implementers use to explain and explore their interventions. In this blog post, Craig Valters introduces the 6 key findings of his research and paper.

- Introduction
     - The problem
     - Aims and methods- The Theory of Change approach
     - Where did it come from and what should it do?
     - Existing debates
     - The Asia Foundation's approach
- An organisational view
     - Communication
     - Learning
     - Accountability
- The effect of development discourses
     - Results
     - Evidence
- Rethinking the Theory of Change approach
     - Six key findings
     - Conclusion