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Supernatural Belief and the Evaluation of Faith-based Peacebuilding

This briefing paper explains how Outcome Harvesting, as a utilization-focused approach that is complexity-sensitive, participatory and qualitative, could be used to evaluate faith-based reconciliation. Based on a real case of Sunni-Shia conflict, the subject of the evaluation is the fictitious International Inter-Religious Reconciliation Initiative (IIRI), an effort by secular and religious, indigenous and external peacebuilders in a tense, faith-based context. The authors illustrate how you could harvest outcomes, their significance, how IIRI contributed, and what role was played by beliefs in the supernatural.

It will also be a chapter in Evaluating Interreligious Peacebuilding and Dialogue: Methods and Frameworks (working title), a book edited by Mohammed Abu-Nimer and to be published later this year by the KAICIID International Dialogue Centre in Vienna.

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