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Video The Cynefin Framework

In this video, Dave Snowden, founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge introduces the Cynefin framework. He briefly explains the frameworks origin and evolution, and discusses its architecture and function in detail. 
Snowden presents the Cynefin framework as a sense making model, which he differentiates from a categorization model. It is a decision making framework, an analytical framework, which recognizes the causal differences that exist between different types of systems.  It proposes new approaches to decision making in complex social environments. It helps people to assess which context they are in  so the appropriate approaches can be used for the appropriate domains. 
The video covers explanations of the different domains of the framework - obvious, chaotic, complicated and complex systems - as well as situations of disorder and the boundaries between different systems. 

Note: The "obvious" domain was originally called "simple," but this was updated in 2014.