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Implementation Setup

Implementation Focus / Sectors


Capacity Development

Agricultural & Fisheries Development

Development Effectiveness

Change Management

Biodiversity and NRM


Conflict Management

Capacity Development

Evaluation Associations

Design & Planning

Children & Child Rights

Evaluation Standards and Policies

Evaluation Approaches

Civil Society & Strengthening

Handbooks & Guidelines

Impact Evaluation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Indicator Databases & Statistics


Economic Change

Key Resource Centres

Information System (MIS)


Key Terms (Glossaries)

Knowledge Management

Emergencies & Relief Work

M&E Case Studies



Millennium Development Goals

Logical framework (approach)

Enterprise Development

Organisational Assessment

M&E Methods and Tools

Environmental sustainability


M&E Systems

Food & Nutrition Security

Theory of Change

Meta Evaluation

Gender. Girls and Young Women


Mixed Methods

Governance and Democracy


Organisational Learning



Participatory Approaches



Performance Reporting

Institutional Development


Process Facilitation

Livlihood Development


Project Cycle Management

Lobby, Advocacy & Policy Change


Qualitative Methods & Analysis

Market Development

Quality Management

Multi-Stakeholder Process

Quantitative Methods & Analysis

Poverty Alleviation & PRSPs

Results-based Management

Pro-poor Development & Inequality

Risk Management

Research & Technology Development


Rights-based Approaches


Social Analysis