UK Evaluation Society

"The UK Evaluation Society exists to promote and improve the theory, practice, understanding and utilisation of evaluation and its contribution to public knowledge and to promote cross-sector and cross-disciplinary dialogue and debate.

European Evaluation Society

"The primary goal of the European Evaluation Society is to promote theory, practice and utilization of high quality evaluation especially, but not exclusively, within the European countries. This goal is obtained by bringing together academics and practitioners from all over Europe and from any professional sector, thus creating a forum where all participants can benefit from the co-operation and bridge building."

Canadian Evaluation Society

"The Society is a Canada-wide non-profit bilingual association dedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice."

The Australasian Evaluation Society

"The Australasian Evaluation Society is a professional organisation for people involved in evaluation. Evaluation is used in a range of professions. The AES has over 700 members involved in all aspects of evaluation and performance measurement.

The American Evaluation Association

"Devoted to the application and exploration of evaluation in all its forms."