An introduction to the use of randomised control trials to evaluate

Author: White, H.
Publication date: 2013, In: Journal of Development Effectiveness, Vol. 5, No. 1, 30–49

This article presents an introduction to Randomised control trials (RCTs). RCTs analyse what difference a programme makes through comparing those in the programme to a control group who do not receive it. Random assignment to the project and control groups overcomes selection bias which will otherwise occur from programme placement or self-selection.


CDI-IDS: Tools and guidelines for improving the evaluability of INGO empowerment and accountability programmes

Author(s): Shutt, C. & McGee, R. (for the Centre for Development Impact)

Publication year: 2013

This Centre for Development Impact (CDI-IDS) Practice Paper Annex is the result of an analysis of INGO evaluation practice in empowerment and accountability (E&A) programmes commissioned by CARE UK, Christian Aid, Plan UK and World Vision UK.