CARE Climate vulnerability and capacity analysis (CVCA) handbook

The CVCA methodology is based on a framework of “enabling factors” for Community-Based Adaptation (CBA). It is designed to feed into and strengthen planning processes by providing vital, context-specific information about the impacts of climate change and local vulnerability.

This handbook provides an overview of the methodology, as well as practical guidance for using it in the design and implementation of adaptation actions.

CDI-IDS: Tools and guidelines for improving the evaluability of INGO empowerment and accountability programmes

Author(s): Shutt, C. & McGee, R. (for the Centre for Development Impact)

Publication year: 2013

This Centre for Development Impact (CDI-IDS) Practice Paper Annex is the result of an analysis of INGO evaluation practice in empowerment and accountability (E&A) programmes commissioned by CARE UK, Christian Aid, Plan UK and World Vision UK.