Lifting the lid on the household: A new way to measure individual deprivation

Authors: Scott Wisor, Joanne Crawford, Sharon Besselland Janet Hunt

Publication date: 23 April 2015

Most experts now agree that monetary poverty measurement should be complemented by multidimensional measurements. The individual, not the household, should be the unit of analysis. Poverty measurement should reflect the views and priorities of poor people. And in so far as possible, measurement should provide meaningful comparisons across contexts and over time. Enter the Individual Deprivation Measure.

SciDevNet: Finding the real impact of agricultural innovation support

In this blog post on SciDevNet, Giel Ton discusses the challengs of impact evaluation in agricultural development. He argues that:

  • It is hard to gauge an innovation's impact on overall outcomes such as income

  • So it is best to focus on intermediate outcomes such as adoption of new techniques

  • The chosen indicators should enable comparisons of interventions