Assess impact in complex environments

Author: Waddell, S.
Publication date: 2014

In this blog post, Waddell addresses the challenges of assessing impact in complex environments, where attribution turns out to be highly problematic. He reviews several contributions in this field and stresses the essence of iterative processes to deal with complex system dynamics and to support their assessment. 

What evaluation has to say on serving the needs of decision-makers

In this blog post, Benoît Gauthier, President of the Canadian Evaluation Society writes about the key determinants of evaluation utilization and the Talking Data Conference focussing on the issue. 

Tips for writing Impact Evaluation Grant Proposals

Author: McKenzie, D.
Publication date: 2012

Based on his experience reviewing impact evaluation grant proposals, the author shares nine tips in this blog post to write successful proposals. 

Requiring fuel gauges: A pitch for justifying impact evaluation sample size assumptions

Authors: Wood, B. D.K. & Djimeu, E. 
Publication date: 2014

This 3ie blog post focuses on the topic of sample sizes and power calculations. While researchers rarely discuss the assumptions behind their sample size, determined by their power calculations, the authors make a strong case for opening up the debate. After reviewing numerous 3ie grant requests, they also share the lessons learned about the key power calculation parameters, namely the minimum detectable effect and the intracluster correlation coefficient (ICC).

Performing Data Collection using Mobile Devices

The Research Data Management Support Service organised a seminar on Mobile Data Collection. The seminar bought together experts from the Karonga Prevention Study, Tazama project and ORION project to share their experience of working with mobile devices in the field, highlighting the successes, failures, and challenges that they’ve encountered. 

The session built upon a Mobile Data Collection briefing paper produced by Dan Arthur of IT Services on the software tools available for use.

AEA365: Evaluation 2013 Conference Week: Michael Quinn Patton on Using the Conference Program as a Data Source About Trends in Evaluation

In this blog post, Michael Q. Patton encourages the readers to use the AEA conference program as data and a resource for their ongoing professional development. 

Read the blog post at October 14th 2013

SciDevNet: Finding the real impact of agricultural innovation support

In this blog post on SciDevNet, Giel Ton discusses the challengs of impact evaluation in agricultural development. He argues that:

  • It is hard to gauge an innovation's impact on overall outcomes such as income

  • So it is best to focus on intermediate outcomes such as adoption of new techniques

  • The chosen indicators should enable comparisons of interventions

3ie Moving impact evaluations beyond controlled circumstances

In this 3ie blog post, Thomas de Hoop argues that if impact evaluators want to influence policy, they have to move beyond evaluating small programmes for which they have optimal control over the design of the intervention. 

As an example, he zooms in on the impact evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project, where the complexity and scale of the programme makes evaluation difficult.

AusGuide - A Guide to Program Management

A range of downloadable documents on every step of a project. AusGuide provides guidance on preparing and implementing program strategies and initiatives. It supports the management of AusAID development programs and Australian Government initiatives delivered under those programs.