The Practioner Hub for Inclusive Business: On the role of partnerships in delivering inclusive business

Inclusive business is rarely business as usual. Companies in mature markets rely on a supporting physical infrastructure (roads, water, electricity); a skilled, healthy, educated workforce; access to a reliable supply chain; and knowing the right products and services for the market and customers who can afford them. Inclusive business usually occurs in immature markets where companies cannot rely on any of these factors being in place.

Revitalising Evidence-based Policy for the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030: Lessons from Existing International Science Partnerships

Author: Elizabeth Carabine 

Publication date: April 23, 2015

The convergence of agreements on disaster risk reduction (DRR), development finance, sustainable development and climate change in 2015 presents a unique opportunity for coherence across these inter-related policy areas.

The need for institutional change in capacity development of tertiary agricultural education

Authors: Mundie Salm, Gerard Baltissen, Richard Hawkins, Jifke Sol, Ruud Ludemann, Anouka van Eerdewijk, Mariana Wongtschowski, Driek Enserink and Marlene Roefs.

Publication date: October 2014

Partnerships with People

Author: Department of Trade & Industry, UK et al. 
Publication Date: 2000
Demonstrating how innovative and successful organisations bring the best out of their people to achieve significantly enhanced business performance.

Some realities behind the rhetoric of downward accountability

Authors: Tina Wallace  & Jennifer Chapman 
Publication Date: 2003 

This working paper explores some of the issues arising from the current way that donors and UK NGOs structure their reporting and accountability requirements, and challenges some of the beliefs about partnership, participation and bottom up development processes.

Measures for success; assessing the impact of partnerships

Author: The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum 
Publication Date: 2001 

In this globally competitive market economy, where there is a heightened awareness of the development challenges facing individuals and institutions, we are also witnessing a growing questioning of the prevailing rules and regulations, coupled with calls for greater transparency, governance and accountability.

Institutionalising Partnerships - lessons from the front line

Athor: Ros Tennyson

"Institutionalising Partnerships reviews three different partnerships and uses the findings to explore what happens beyond the early negotiation and building phases of a partnership.

Improving Impacts of Research Partnerships

Authors: Daniel Maselli, Jon Andri Lys and Jacqueline Schmid
Publication Date: 2004