NDS-ON PCIA; A Handbook for Peace And Conflict Impact Assessment, part 1

Author: K. Bush
Publication Date: October 2003

This handbook is a "hands-on," working, document which seeks to be practical and applicable. As a perpetual "work in progress", It is also a "working document" to be used and modified by users' to suit the particular needs -- as long as changes are true to the guiding principles outlined in the text, and are shared using the feedback mechanism noted below.

From Resolution to Transformation: The Role of Dialogue Projects

Author: Norbert Ropers 
Publication Date: 2003 

Dialogues can be viewed as one means - if not the classical one - of dealing constructively with conflicts. This paper examines some of the core features of dialogue projects, looking at their variations and implications in greater detail.

Assessing Progress on the Road to Peace: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities

Publication Date: 2008 

Within the field of conflict prevention, there is still a quest to find appropriate methods and ways to deal with planning, monitoring and evaluation. This issue paper brings together the experiences of academics and practitioners dealing with planning, monitoring and evaluating conflict prevention activities. Includes paper on "Complexity and international social change networks" by Ricardo Wilson-Grau.