ICTs for Monitoring & Evaluation of Peacebuilding Programs

Author: Corlazzoli, V.
Publication date: 2014

The purpose of this paper is to explore the incorporation of information and communications technologies into the monitoring and evaluation systems of peacebuilding programmes. The paper focuses on exploring the application of the following ICTs: mobile technology, social media, big data, the digitzation of surveys, and tools to better visualize data. 

DeMIStifying MIS : guidelines for management information systems in social funds

Authors: Lecuit, Luc; Elder, John; Hurtado, Christian; Rantrua, Francois; Siblini, Kamal; Tovo, Mauricio 
Publication Date: 1999 

This report identifies critical aspects of management information systems (MIS), suggests ways of organizing preparation of an MIS, and provides practical advice for those involved in the design and management of MIS for social funds and others working on similar types of demand-driven projects.

Smart tools for evaluating the performance of information products and services

Author: CTA 
Publication Date: 2002 

In November 2002, KIT, CTA, and IICD organised a workshop on Smart tools for evaluating the performance of information products and services at KIT in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Other LEAP IMPACT partners were also involved in the initiative, many of whom represented various organisations in African, Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) states, Canada and Europe.

Information: its collection and use throughout the Project Cycle

Authors: Klaassen and Moynihan
Publication Date: 2005 

NGOs need reliable information. At certain points of your work you need it especially. If you have projects it is hoped that you are following the Project Cycle, consciously or unconsciously.