Assessing Impact in Dynamic and Complex Environments: Systemic Action Research and Participatory Systemic Inquiry

Author: Burns, D.
Publication date: 2014

This Centre for Development Impact Practice Paper explores the implications of complexity and systems thinking for understanding how change happens. This in turn has significant implications for impact assessment. The paper shows how a Systemic Action Research methodology can be employed for assessing impact in complex and highly dynamic environments.

Dealing with complexity through “actor-focused” Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Authors: Van Ongevalle, J. et alii.
Publication date: 2012

This paper reports the results of a collabora­tive action-research process (2010-2012) in which 10 development organisations (nine Dutch and one Belgian), together with their Southern partners, explored if and how a va­riety of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) approaches and methods helped them deal with processes of complex change.

Evaluating the Effects of International Advocacy Networks

Author: Ricardo Wilson-Grau 
Publication Date: 2007 

This article sketches the special challenges of evaluating the effects of the advocacy work of international social change networks and present an approach to evaluating advocacy. According to the author, the challenges and thegeneral evaluation methodology outlined in this essay are applicable to almost all social change organisations.