Impact investing and beyond: mapping support to social enterprises in emerging markets

Authors: Whitley, S., Darko, E. & Howells, G.
Publication date: 2013

With support from the Shell Foundation, ODI undertook a study to see if it was both feasible and useful to compile data on the range of support to social enterprises in emerging markets.

The study revealed three main findings:

1.     it is possible to collect and present useful information on support to social enterprises in emerging markets,

The World Bank: Learning from the Experiments That Never Happened

Authors: Campos, F. et alii. (for The World Bank Development Research Group)

Publication Date: 2012

In this World Bank policy research working paper, The World Bank shares lessons learned regarding its attempts to conduct randomized evaluations of matching grant programs in Africa.

One critique of randomized experiments is publication bias, whereby only those experiments with “interesting” results get published. The hope is to mitigate this bias by learning from the experiments that never happened.