Women’s voice and leadership in decision-making: Assessing the evidence

Authors:  Pilar Domingo, Rebecca Holmes, Tam O’Neil, Nicola Jones, Kate Bird, Anna Larson, Elizabeth Presler-Marshall and Craig Valters

Publication date: April 2015

The report looks at whether women’s capabilities and actions in different spheres lead them to have more presence and influence within private and public decision-making. Based on a review of over 400 sources, the report is organised around thematic chapters on women’s political participation, social activism, and economic empowerment.

TEDx talk "This is not a video camera"

In this TEDx Talk about participatory video, Chris Lunch of InsightShare asks us to re-look at what we think we know about the technology and potential behind video cameras. He shows how handing over a video camera to a community and letting the subjects of a film become the directors, turns a video camera into a people magnet and a true champion for change.


Using digital video for project monitoring and evaluation in Laos

In 2005, Rana Ghose gave a training in Laos on how to use digital video for monitoring and evaluation purposes. This video documents the training workshop through the words of those trained.

Using digital video for project monitoring and evaluation in Sri Lanka

In 2004, six staff members of the Regional Economic Advancement Project in Sri Lanka received a video training for monitoring and evaluation purposes. The video illustrates the process and how those trained envision using the medium.

Sharing knowledge and building capacity with digital video

These two videos document two trainings, given by Rana Ghose to people working with Jeevika SEWA, India. The trainings focussed on how to shoot, edit and share videos for their own information dissemination purposes. The woman working with SEWA, both project staff and villagers, share their experiences about the training and the added value of digital video for their work.

Digital video as a means for sharing experiences

This video documents a training workshop, given by Rana Ghose in India to build capacity to enable participants to shoot, edit and share their own videos. Participants explain how digital videos can be used as a tool for documentation efforts.

Assessing and Strengthening Civil Society Worldwide

Author: Volkart Finn Heinrich
Publication Date: 2004

Civil Society Index Paper Series, Volume 2, Issue 1.

Insights into participatory video - a handbook for the field

Authors: Nick and Chris Lunch
Publication Date: 2006 

Insight is a UK/France based organisation pioneering the use of Participatory Video as a tool for empowering individuals and communities. Insights Participatory Video methods value local knowledge, build bridges between communities and decision-makers and enable people to develop greater control over their own development and the decisions affecting their lives.

Evaluating international social-change networks: a conceptual framework for a participatory approach

Authors: Ricardo Wilson-Grau and Martha Nunez 
Publication Date: 2007 

International networks for social change are growing in number and influence. While they need to be able to assess the extent to which they achieve their purpose and determine ways in which to be more effective, conventional evaluation methods are not designed for such complex organisational forms