Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility: Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance

Author: Steering Group for Global Principles Network 
Publication Date: 2003 

"The Bench Marks is one of the most comprehensive sets of social and environmental criteria and business performance indicators available. Corporations will find the indicators presented in the Bench Marks Principles useful for developing and monitoring corporate codes of conduct,

Influential Evaluations - Evaluations that improved performance and impacts of development programs

Author: The World Bank 
Publication Date: 2004 

"OED study presents examples of 8 evaluations that had a significant impact. For many of them, it has been possible to compare their costs with the benefits which they provided, and to show that the evaluation was a highly cost-effective management tool."

Influential Evaluations: Detailed case studies

Author: The World Bank 
Publication Date: 2005 

Companion volume to "Influential Evaluations: Evaluations that Improved Performance and Impacts of Development Programs". Discusses 8 case studies in depth. It presents key lessons about how to design evaluations which are influential.

Corporate Social Responsibility Forum

"Promoting responsible business practices that benefit business and society"

The Partnering Toolbook

Author: Ros Tennyson
Publication Date: 2003 

"The Partnering Toolbook offers a concise, step-by-step overview of the essential elements that make for effective partnering. The toolbook was written by Ros Tennyson and produced by the The Partnering Initiative