Dynamics of Rural Innovation - a primer for emerging professionals

Authors: Pyburn, R. & Woodhill, J. (eds.)
Publication date: 2014

Dynamics of Rural Innovation – a primer for emerging professionals is a co-publication of KIT and Wageningen University’s Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) that brings together the experiences of over 40 conceptual thinkers and development practitioners to articulate lessons on agricultural innovation processes and social learning.

Women as Entrepreneurs: The impact of having an independent income on women's empowerment

Authors: Haneef, C. et alii.
Publication date: 2014

Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP) investigated the impact women’s entrepreneurship has on empowerment and the effects this has on the wider community. The objective of the research was to understand specifically the relationship women ‘having an independent income’ (one of CLP’s empowerment indicators) had with CLP’s other nine empowerment indicators.

The State of Measurement Practice in the SGB Sector

Authors: Edens, G. & Lall, S.
Publication date: 2014

This report reviews the current state of measurement in two types of organizations that directly support small and growing businesses (SGBs) – impact investors and capacity development providers. Using a mixed-methods approach, the authors collected data and interviewed over 30 organizations across these two categories, and analyzed key trends in measurement practice. 

Impact investing and beyond: mapping support to social enterprises in emerging markets

Authors: Whitley, S., Darko, E. & Howells, G.
Publication date: 2013

With support from the Shell Foundation, ODI undertook a study to see if it was both feasible and useful to compile data on the range of support to social enterprises in emerging markets.

The study revealed three main findings:

1.     it is possible to collect and present useful information on support to social enterprises in emerging markets,

ODI-ECDPM: Regional Aid for Trade effectiveness and corridors

Authors: Byiers, B. & Lui, D. (for ODI & ECDPM)
Publication Date: 2013

This study by ODI and ECDPM discusses the opportunities and challenges of improving the effectiveness of Aid for Trade (AfT) through a regional approach and focusing on Africa.

3ie/IFPRI: Debt Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Risk: Evidence from Microfinance

The following videos are part of the 3ie/IFPRI Seminar Series on Impact Evaluation.

June 6th, 2012, Erica Field discussed whether and how the repayment structure of a debt contract influences entrepreneurship. The presentation is based on a publication on the issue.

3ie/IFPRI: Business Training and Female Enterprise Start-up and Growth in Sri Lanka

The following videos are part of the 3ie/IFPRI Seminar Series on Impact Evaluation.

May 23rd, 2012, David McKenzie, Lead Economist at The World Bank gave a presentation about a randomized experiment in Sri Lanka to measure the impact of the most commonly used business training course in developing countries.

The World Bank: Learning from the Experiments That Never Happened

Authors: Campos, F. et alii. (for The World Bank Development Research Group)

Publication Date: 2012

In this World Bank policy research working paper, The World Bank shares lessons learned regarding its attempts to conduct randomized evaluations of matching grant programs in Africa.

One critique of randomized experiments is publication bias, whereby only those experiments with “interesting” results get published. The hope is to mitigate this bias by learning from the experiments that never happened.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Impact Assessment for Enterprise Development (1)

Authors: Clive George and Colin Kirkpatrick 
Publication Date: October 2003